In order to meet the needs of consumers in the goods of daily demand, it operates two large plants.

Confectionery and bakery products of the enterprise that are produced under the trademark “Bismak” are the leaders of the local market. The plant “Bismak”, which produces the products of this brand, was founded on 06.04.2004. In November 2005, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was present at the opening of the plant.

The plant covers an area of 81600 m2. The plant consists of a three-story office building, built in a modern style, from the “Biscuit Factory” with 6 production lines, from the “Macaroni Factory” with 3 production lines, from a modern mill complex, from 2 production lines of chocolate, from 1 marmalade line and from “Chocolate Factory” with 1 line of dragee. More than 350 people work at the plant. The purpose of the “Bismak” plant is during production of high-quality products based on new technologies to improve local production and exports competitive products in foreign markets.

At the plant “Bismak” the following types of products are produced:

  • Sugar cookies: “Moskow”, “Giz galasi”, “Buratino”, “Nejnoye”, “Milk”, “Glucose”, “Nice”, “Toplyonoye moloko”;
  • Hard cookies: “Sport”, “Petit Buerre”
  • Biscuits with cream;
  • Gingerbread;
  • Cracker;
  • Wafers;
  • Flour and pasta;
  • Biscuit;
  • Candy, jujube.

The “Çörəkçi” plant was founded on the basis of concessional loans from the National Fund for the Support of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Azerbaijan and at the expense of “Delta Group C.O” LLC on 14.01.2013. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the plant. The purpose of the plant is to satisfy the demand in this area with bread and bakery products that are produced without touching hands, fully automated in production facilities that meet sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements.


There is a control system for each production phase separately at the plant, which was built with technical support and with the equipment of the German company Werner & Pfleidere.

The production capacity of the “Çörəkçi” plant is 150 tons per day.

The flour milling mill and granary included in the plant complex were created on the basis of the technology of leading companies in Turkey. For the supply and storage of grain products, 6 warehouses each with a capacity of 4 tons were built. Washing and drying systems, which are installed in the warehouse for a long time, allow lossless storage of the supplied grain products. The existence of a granary within the complex plays an important role from the point of view of creating a raw material base. Flour, supplied to the grain storage facilities, ensures continuous operation of the mill and bakery. The use of a dry cleaning system, which is the latest technology in a mill complex with a daily production capacity of 250 tons, unlike other traditional mills, allows the production of flour, higher, first and second grades in a larger volume.

Plant “Çörəkçi” produces a range of sweets and an assortment of rye-wheat products:

  • Assortment of wheat products: factory bread, extra baton, simple loaf, bread with bran, healthy bread, bread for crackers, diet bread;
  • Assortment of rye products: Bread with cumin, a farmer, a rye loaf, Borodino, Baltic;
  • Assortment of sweets: croissant, roll.

The main characteristics of the products manufactured by “Delta Group C.O” LLC:

  • Quality products at affordable prices;
  • Hygienic packaging;
  • Variety of assortments;
  • Manufacture from natural products;
  • Without preservatives;
  • Tasty, high quality, satisfying, useful;
  • Family, reliable.

The products produced by us have high quality, because:

  • Staff periodically receives training on compliance with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • Critical control points in production are determined;
  • The control system is applied to each stage of production;
  • Discrepancies found as a result of prevention and control measures are eliminated immediately.

There are 3 firm stores of the “Çörəkçi” factory in Sumgait city, which belongs to “Delta Group C.O” LLC. In firm stores, products manufactured in production facilities of “Delta Group C.O” LLC are sold at a discounted (factory) price.

“Çörəkçi” – the 1st firm store was opened and made available to customers on 01.05.2015. The store is located at: 10D, block 76, Sulh street, Sumgait city.

“Çörəkçi” – the 2nd firm store was opened and made available to customers on 24.01.2016. The store is located at: building 5, micro-district 13, Babak street, Sumgait city.

“Çörəkçi” – the 3rd firm store was opened and made available to customers on 07.06.2016. The store is located at: area 10, micro-district 5, Narimanov avn., Sumgait city.