“Delta Group C.O.” LLC has signed the new cooperation agreement on 06.12.2017 and has received the official representation of the Slovenian brand «Слодыч» in Azerbaijan.

«Слодыч»  Confectionary Factory was founded on 01.11.1994 on the basis of the Minsk Confectionery Factory, which has been developing since 1905. The factory, which has over 110 years of historical development, is currently the leader of the Belarusian market for the production of bakery and flour products. The annual production capacity of the factory, which produces more than 100 varieties of biscuits, is 15,000 tons.

The products of the «Слодыч»  brand, which accounts for about 30% of the local market, are now exported to the EU and CIS countries, USA, Canada, Serbia, Mongolia, China, Israel and other countries.

ISO 9001-2009, HACCP certification, the production of «Слодыч» brand products, high quality of brand products and allows export to any country of the world.

Products of the brand «Слодыч» have received numerous awards in international specialized competitions.

Taking into account the different taste preferences of consumers and the structured sales system, «Слодыч» has become a strong and reputed brand.