In 2018 “Delta Qrup C.O.” Limited Liability Company redeemed the official representative office in Azerbaijan of the brand “Mühlenhof”, owned by Molkerei Ammerland.

The  Ammerland milk plants were founded by seven farmers in Northern Germany in 1885. In 1948 lots of Ammerland milk plants began to produce cheese successfully.

In 1956 lots of technical renovations began to be applied in Ammerland milk plant and their suppliers. In1989 Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg Company was established.  In 1994 Ammerland-Oldenburg was the first among the companies engaging in milk production which got International Quality Standard ISO-9002. In 2000 the title of the plant was substituted by Molkerei Ammerland.

“Delta Group C.O.” LLC provides the sale of  high quality cheese kinds such as Edamer”, “Gouda”, “Tilsiter”  of “Mühlenhof”  brand belonging to Molkerei Ammerland company.