“Delta Group C.O.” LLC has achieved a great success since its inception in the field of food production to date. Currently, the company successfully meets the interests and requirements of consumers thanks to the produced products. So, the company has finally presented the new ODAD brand to its consumers.

We would want to present you the dye-free and additives-free “ODAD” macaroni of various assortments made by modern design, prepared from soft and glassy semolina and the highest grade of flour.

“ODAD” brand produces 9 different types of macaroni, ranging from 500 g and 5 kg

  • ODAD Vermicelli Macaroni
  • ODAD Fusilli Macaroni
  • ODAD Penne Rigate
  • ODAD Rigatoni Macaroni
  • ODAD Conchiglioni Macaroni
  • ODAD Cellentani Macaroni
  • ODAD Elbow Macaroni
  • ODAD Creste Di Gallo Macaroni
  • ODAD Spaghetti Macaroni

We hope that, the products of our new brand will satisfy you for their taste and quality.

Hurry to be the first buyers of new brand!